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All Fraud Related Issues: Please call to contact us regarding Identity Theft or Debit, Credit and ATM cards that have been lost, stolen, damaged, or where there is known or suspected fraud.

  Domestic Calls If Calling from Overseas
VISA Debit and ATM Cards (800) 826-4314 (414) 341-4015
VISA Credit Cards (800) 826-4314 (800) 847-2911 (VISA911)
Identity Theft and Other Fraud (800) 826-4314 (800) 826-4314

Report Suspicious Emails, Phone Calls or Text Messages:

If you receive a suspicious e-mail, phone call or text representing itself as Members 1st Federal Credit Union, please notify Members 1st by either:

When you report suspicious activity, Members 1st can quickly respond and remediate any potential impact to its members.

For more information see the Fraud Education section of the Fraud & Security Center.