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2017 Calendar Winners

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Cover 2017Cover 2017Cover – Adriane Hornung
January 2017January 2017January – Andrew Hansen
February 2017February 2017February – Jennifer Meckley

March 2017March 2017March - Daniel Smith
April 2017April 2017April – Tanya Stewart
May 2017May 2017May – Jess Dubbs

June 2017June 2017June – Howard Wert
July 2017July 2017July – Charles Bradley
August 2017August 2017August – Alan Wells

September 2017September 2017September – Becky Small
October 2017October 2017October – Chris Kuhn
November 2017November 2017November – Stephanie Garcia

December 2017December 2017December – Patricia Dunkleberger

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