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Offer Credit Union Membership as a Free Benefit

Offer Credit Union Membership As A Free Benefit

When your business becomes a Select Employer Group (SEG), both your business and your employees will enjoy a unique relationship with us. As a business, you'll gain full access to our products and services as well as value-added benefits such as free on-site membership sign-ups at your benefit fairs and employee events. We'll also provide speakers for lunch and learn programs, seminars and other educational opportunities.

How Does My Business Become a Select Employer Group (SEG)?

Your company or organization simply needs to provide us with a Letter of Intent indicating your interest in becoming a Select Employer Group.

Call one of our account executives or stop by your local branch for more details.

What's In It For My Employees When Our Company Becomes a Select Employer Group?

You can add credit union membership to your benefits package - a free enhancement for your employees. We'll provide all the promotional materials including payroll stuffers, posters and articles to help you announce this enhancement to your staff.

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