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Electronic & Mobile Services - ACH (Automated Clearing House)

ACH transfers are another way to simplify your monthly bill paying. This is a convenient form of bill paying commonly used with utility and retail vendors such as your cell phone provider. Funds are electronically transferred from your account through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Our Routing Number: 231382241

How Do I Set Up Automatic Electronic Payments?

To set up automatic electronic payments, you need to contact your utility provider and/or retail vendor. Many times you can enroll in automatic payments directly from their specific web sites or you may have to complete a paper form.

Which Account Will My Automatic Payments Come Out Of?

Automatic payments may be made from your checking or savings account, depending upon your utility company or retail vendor, or your savings account.

Is It Better For Me To Use My Savings Account Or Checking Account For ACH?

Checking accounts are designed to support an unlimited number of debits and withdrawals. Our Checking Account offers overdraft protection to help you avoid bookkeeping errors.

Savings account transfers are limited by federal regulations as explained by Regulation D.

For Automatic Payments Debiting Your Checking Account:

You will be asked to provide our ABA Routing Transit Number and your 10-digit account number. These may be found at the bottom of your checks as shown:

Sample Check With Routing Number And Account Number

For Automatic Payments Debiting Your Savings Account:

You will need to provide our ABA Routing Transit Number (231382241) and your account number.

Who Can I Talk To If I Have Questions?

Call TeleBranch (Customer Service) at (800) 237-7288 or email Account and Transaction Inquiries.

EFT Services Department:
(800) 283-2328, ext. 5243


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