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Mobile Deposit

With Mobile Deposit you can deposit checks directly into your account by simply using your mobile device with Members 1st Online, our online banking system. This convenient deposit service saves time and money. You don't need stamps and you won't need to visit a branch to make a deposit. If you prefer electronic banking, receive checks to deposit, are short on time or do not live close to a branch, this service is for you.

Once you’ve deposited the check retain it for 30 days and discard/shred it to prevent duplicate deposit errors.

Watch a video about our Mobile Deposit.

Mobile Deposit Video

What is Mobile Deposit?

Instead of driving to the branch, you may deposit your check(s) using our mobile application. It's fast, secure and best of all it's free for eligible members.

    Our Mobile Deposit offers:
  • Real-time deposits.
  • Deposit options - You can deposit into your Regular Savings, Supplemental Savings, Money Management, Checking Account and make payments to closed-end loans.
  • 24/7 access - Deposit checks anytime, anywhere.

How Do I Enroll In Mobile Deposit?

    You may enroll in one of two ways:
  • In the Mobile App – Navigate into an account and click the "Deposit Check" button.
  • From a desktop computer – Login to Members 1st Online, Navigate into an account, Click the Services tab, Click on the Mobile Deposit tile.

How Do I Access Mobile Deposit?

Once enrolled, you may begin using Mobile Deposit with your mobile application or from a desktop computer.

What Types Of Checks Can I Deposit?

This service is for single party domestic checks payable to the owner(s) of the account. An example would be a check written to you for a wedding, birthday or graduation gift or check(s) you collected because you sold some goods (example school fundraiser or similar).

You may not use this service to deposit foreign checks drawn on a foreign bank; money orders; or checks payable to an individual not on the account.

Where Can I Make Deposits to?

Deposits are made one at a time into available shares/loans (i.e. one check cannot be split and deposited into multiple shares/loans).

    Deposits can be made to:
  • Regular Savings
  • Supplemental Savings
  • Money Management
  • Checking
  • Closed End Loans (ex. Indirect Auto, Unsecured, etc.)

You may also make multiple deposits in the same day.

Who Can I Talk To If I Have Questions?

Contact TeleBranch (Customer Service) at (800) 237-7288.

All electronic services and transactions are subject to the terms and conditions of Members 1st FCU’s Funds Availability Policy and Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and fee schedule as provided to you when you opened your account.

TeleBranch (Customer Service)
(800) 237-7288


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