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Support Information

Visit Mint Support for more support information: www.mint.com/support

Troubleshooting Steps

If one or more of your Members 1st accounts are not appearing in Mint, you may need to remove them from Mint and re-add them. Doing this however, will delete all transactions and history for your Members 1st accounts. If you wish to do this, please refer to this document: Removing & Re-adding Accounts in Mint

To add your Members 1st VISA® credit cards into Mint, please follow the instructions in the following document: Adding M1st VISA® Credit Cards.

Helpful Tips

If you want to search for a specific issue, you may refer to the Mint Community by Intuit Support to see if someone else has ever experienced a similar issue and what, if any, solution there was for the issue.

Need Help? Call an eServices Specialist

Call Telebranch (Customer Service) at (800) 237-7288 and ask for an eServices Specialist or send us a Secured Message via Online Banking.

Telebranch (Customer Service):
(800) 237-7288


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