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Transfer Money

We offer several ways to transfer money electronically including using Members 1st Online to move your money. You may also make transfers between your sub-accounts (example - your savings to your holiday club or checking account); transferring money from your account with us to an account you may have at another financial institution; transferring money to another member's account; and sending/receiving wire transfers.

Our Routing Number: 231382241

EZ Transfer

Through our home banking system, Members 1st Online, and your checking account, you may transfer funds between your account and an account you have at another financial institution.

Cross Account Transfer

Transfer money between your account with us and another member's account such as your spouse/significant other or your child providing both parties' accounts are accessible via Members 1st Online.

Wire Transfers

You may send and receive wire transfers. Nominal fees apply. Refer to our Account Terms & Fees schedule

To receive a wire transfer at our Credit Union, provide the following information to the sender:

  • Our Credit Union Name: Members 1st Federal Credit Union (do not spell out First)
  • Our location: Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Our routing transit number: 231382241
  • Your Members 1st account number
  • Your name(s) or title on your account
  • Specific sub-account receiving the wired funds (savings, checking, etc.) - If a specific account is not listed on the incoming wire transfer, the funds will be credited to your regular savings account.

To send a wire transfer to another financial institution, contact the receiving financial institution for their specific instructions.

Automatic Transfer/Payroll Deduction

You may set up various allotments to go to your accounts, sub-accounts, your significant other's account, children's account or to your loans at our Credit Union.

Print and complete a Payroll / Automatic Transfer Distribution Form. You may change your distributions at any time.

Who Can I Talk To If I Have Questions?

Call TeleBranch (Customer Service) at (800) 237-7288 or email Account and Transaction Inquiries.

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