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There's a lot more to personal finance than most of us ever learned in school. Our blog is here to help you hone your skills on the finer points of saving money, borrowing wisely, and charting a course for your future.

Taking Care of Yourself Means Taking Care of Your Finances

Self-care is all the rage these days, as it should be! While many associate self-care with getting enough rest, a balanced diet and physical well-being, it is essential to recognize that caring for…

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Maximizing Your Tax Preparedness: A Checklist for a Stress-Free Tax Season

Tax season is here! If you are not sure where to begin, don’t sweat it—we’ve got you covered! Use our tax preparation checklist to take the stress out of filing. 1. Save the Date The 2024 tax filing…

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Unlocking Financial Flexibility: Our Skip-A-Payment Service Explained

Managing your finances is no small task. You can create budgets, make a savings plan and even cut out buying unnecessary things. But what happens when you need more flexibility? Life can sometimes…

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Unlocking the Power: Get the Most Out of Your Membership by Maximizing Your Benefits

Do you know about all the great benefits that come with a membership here at Members 1st? Not only do you get unparalleled service, but you also get to take part in exclusive member-only events, like…

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Get to Know Our Financial Education Partner, GreenPath

We put our members at the forefront of everything we do and that includes providing the best financial resources available to help members succeed. That’s why we continue to partner with GreenPath to…

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From Home to Heart: Meet the Logan Family

Ken and Lesley Logan knew they wanted to make their family of four a family of five through adoption but were concerned about a sudden expense. They soon realized the nest for their twin girls was also the nest egg for their soon-to-be third child. …

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Navigating the Shopper's Wonderland: Your Guide to Holiday Shopping

The days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are dropping. That can only mean one thing, holiday shopping is right around the corner! We’ve got you covered for tips to navigate Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.…

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How to Recognize Fraud and Protect Yourself from Financial Scams

In the current digital age, it’s important to make sure you’re protecting yourself and your finances against fraud. …

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The Gift that Keeps on Growing: Why You Should Open a Certificate for Your Child

Starting a family is a big step that brings many emotions, responsibilities and tough decisions. …

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