How to Celebrate New Year's Eve at Home on a Budget

The new year rings in hopeful resolutions, a fresh start and a new outlook for people worldwide. To us, that’s something to celebrate—even if you’re on a budget!

How to Celebrate New Year's Eve at Home on a Budget

There are an endless number of things you can do to celebrate the new year. Swanky parties in the city or holiday getaways used to be the norm, but this year, many people are choosing to stay in. Below is a list of our favorite ways to ensure a memorable and festive gathering without compromising your savings goals.

  1. Serve budget-friendly food. Nothing says new year like a new tradition. Instead of hiring a caterer, consider making your own food for the party. Fill your crockpot with a new recipe that sounds delicious and is within your spending limit. Let people know what you’re serving, and ask your guests to bring small side dishes that coordinate.
  2. Keep it intimate. Another great way to stay within your budget is to limit the number of guests. Instead of throwing a giant party, have a more intimate get-together. The fewer people you have to prepare for, the less your expenses. As a side bonus, the fewer people you have, the deeper your conversations will be with each of your guests.
  3. Create a signature drink. Whether you have alcohol or host a dry celebration, creating a signature cocktail is a beautiful way to add something special to your party. Additionally, by having one specific drink, you won’t spend as much on various beverage options. Again, let your guests know in advance, so if they’d like something else, they can BYOB.
  4. Buy inexpensive decor. Spending hours snipping small bits of gold foil paper to create confetti might not be the greatest use of your time. Head to the Dollar Tree or another discount store instead of DIYing all of your New Year’s Eve decorations. You’ll want to be on the lookout for NYE decor now, as things usually fly off the shelves as soon as they arrive. Another quick budget tip: save what you purchase to use again for next year!
  5. Have a “come as you are” theme. The more casual an occasion, the more relaxed people will be with their expectations. Let them wear whatever they want, and have them take turns playing DJ. Let them know that the most important thing to you is spending quality time together celebrating the holiday.
  6. Provide fun, free entertainment. If you’re into board games, have your guests bring their favorites from home. If you like movies, get ideas together in advance and have your friends vote on what to watch at the party. You could even play charades or another group game that gets everyone involved.
  7. Skip the champagne, but not the toast. Traditionally, a champagne toast happens when the clock strikes midnight. Instead of buying glasses and champagne, have your guests “cheers!” with your signature drink. Not only does it save on money, but it still feels festive.

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