Workplace Well-Being

What does well-being mean to you and how do you practice it at your workplace?

Workplace Well-Being

June is National Employee Wellness Month which focuses on improving mental, physical and emotional well-being in the workplace. While some people may believe the words wellness and well-being are interchangeable, our Associate Experience team (comprised of Human Resources and Learning & Development) disagree. Join us as we take a closer look at the meaning of these words, how Members 1st promotes well-being and how YOU can implement well-being practices at your workplace.

Wellness and Well-Being, What’s the Difference?

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines wellness as "the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal" and well-being as "the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous." Members 1st launched our wellness program in 2013, and this year we expanded the program's focus from wellness to the holistic nature of well-being. The 6 pillars of our well-being program include physical, mental, social, financial, professional and spiritual.

Transitioning to Well-Being

So, why the change? Our SVP of Associate Experience, Sara Kennedy, said our organization believes "this broader focus on total well-being will help to support well rounded health, happiness and prosperity of our associates." Studies have shown that higher well-being in associates can lead to a boost in satisfaction, teamwork, productivity, and even improve a company's bottom-line. Keeping tabs on your organizational culture and well-being is important too. We periodically conduct surveys where associates share feedback on our culture and well-being. Soon, we plan to conduct an additional survey on benefits and well-being. These surveys ensure we are focusing on what means the most to our associates and their well-being.

Ideas for Practicing Workplace Well-Being

Now that we've defined well-being and why it's important to you and your employer, let's transition to the fun part– ideas! Busy, unpredictable schedules and different workspaces (remote and in-office) mean well-being initiatives need to be easy, user-friendly and most importantly, fun! Our team provides online programs, events, activities, rewards for program completion and yearly recognition for associate's well-being efforts. One of our most popular events for associates is our well-being fair, which helps raise awareness about well-being. It features a variety of vendors, exercise sessions and free healthy snacks. If you cannot swing an in-person event, we recommend going virtual. This year we took the virtual route with our well-being fair and included helpful tips, informational videos submitted by associates on our well-being pillars and more!

Advice on Well-Being and Commitment

In closing, we asked our SVP of Associate Experience, Sara, for her advice on workplace well-being and staying committed to well-being goals. She recommends reflecting on all parts of your life, and not hyper focusing on one aspect, like your weight. Focusing on making small, meaningful improvements can be more effective than taking on all aspects of your well-being that you want to improve on. Think about your overall well-being and pick just one thing that you can add to your day that will make you an even more effective you!


Thank you to our SVP of Associate Experience, Sara Kennedy and Jennifer Cubbage, our HR Business Partner – Benefits for your collaboration on this blog post.

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