Back to School Kids Lunch Hacks

Back to school means back to early mornings, rushed school drop offs, plenty of homework, and not as much free time.

Back to School Kids Lunch Hacks
  1. Create Healthy School Lunches

    Often, packing school lunches gets lost in the mix and parents find it hard to make quick, healthy kid-friendly lunches. Need some kids lunch hacks? Bento boxes, a single-portion boxed meal, are a creative, sustainable and affordable way to provide your child with hearty meals in which they can choose from a variety of ingredients.

    According to, an ideal, healthy lunch for a child consists of 5 main elements.

    • Healthy Fats: cheese, dark chocolate, avocado, eggs, yogurt, fatty fish, nuts
    • Fiber: Berries, apples, vegetables, popcorn, whole-wheat pasta, sweet potato
    • Protein: eggs, peanut butter, brown rice, chicken breast, turkey, lean meat
    • Calcium: cheese, milk, non-dairy products such as almonds, carrots, leafy greens, cheese, broccoli
    • Carbs: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, bread, quinoa, oats
  2. Healthy Lunch Field GuideTake Your Child Grocery Shopping

    Consider including your child in the whole lunch box food selection process, from grocery shopping to meal prepping. When shopping, reach for the less expensive store brand options of simple ingredients, such as cheese and crackers, because they are virtually identical to the name brand.

  3. Use Easy and Budget-Friendly Recipes

    Try these budget and time-friendly bento box recipes that are easy to personalize to your child’s preferences.

    Picky-eater perfection
    • Ham and cheese sandwich
    • Child’s favorite fruit and vegetable
    • Yogurt
    Energy-packed pasta
    • Whole wheat pasta with favorite protein source (chicken, ham, sausage)
    • Cheese squares
    • Favorite fruit
    • Dark chocolate
    DIY lunchable
    • Whole grain crackers with slices of favorite lunchmeat (ham, turkey, salami) and cheese
    • Choice of 1-2 fruits
    • Popcorn

    Using our bento box hacks, aim to hit as many of these food groups while still staying within your budget. Allowing your children to take control of their choices when it comes to school lunch brings excitement to their daily tasks. In addition, educating them about these lunchbox tips and array of healthy choices makes it easier for you and your child to make the most of back-to-school mornings. While you’re out shopping, make sure to save while you spend. Our Visa credit cards offer anywhere from 1-2% cash back on purchases.


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