Fun Activities for Your Winter Bucket List

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Fun Activities for Your Winter Bucket List

No matter what your income, everyone loves the ability to enjoy the holidays and the festive season without having to spend a ton of money. We’ve checked in with our team to see what their favorite activities are when it’s cold outside. From festivals and outdoor fun to cozy evenings at home, here are several ideas for your winter bucket list.

  1. Go sledding. Throughout Central PA there are hills just waiting to be covered in snow. When that happens, grab your sled and head outside. Many local parks have hills you can sled down, but even better if there is one in your neighborhood!
  2. Have a pajama day. When it’s so chilly outside that you can’t even imagine venturing out, stay in! Put on your coziest pajamas, make hot chocolate, read books by the fire and watch your favorite holiday movies.
  3. Bake cookies. Gather your family or friends together to bake some holiday cookies. You can go with the standard snowman or snowflake, but feel free to get creative! Buy a dinosaur shape set and put colorful winter hats on their heads.
  4. Write a letter to someone you love. Not too many people take the time to write personal letters anymore, so this holiday season, surprise someone you care about with a handwritten note. You’ll feel good while you write it, and they’ll be overjoyed to receive it.
  5. Create inspiring messages. It rarely rains in the winter, so take the opportunity to write inspiring messages on the ground. Grab some chalk and creativity, and your masterpieces will stay there for weeks. If it snows, try writing fun messages in the snow.
  6. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway. Whether it’s a single mother or an elderly gentleman down the street, take the time to shovel someone’s driveway. Doing kind things for other people often fills our hearts with happiness and gratitude.
  7. Bundle up, and head out for a walk. The wintertime makes for some of the most peaceful walks. Grab your partner for a romantic stroll, or head out yourself and enjoy the crisp air of the season.
  8. Host a winter picnic. This is a unique idea that is always a lot of fun. Pack some of your favorite winter foods, grab a tarp and a blanket, and drive to a local park. Spread the tarp out first, put the blanket on top, and enjoy your picnic outside.
  9. Set some new goals. Goals for the new year do not always have to be career or health-driven. Maybe this year, you set some goals for fun. What are some activities you would like to do in 2022? Plan them out ahead of time, so you have more to look forward to in the upcoming year.

Download a PDF of this list of winter activities. 

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