How to Host a BBQ on a Budget

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How to Host a BBQ on a Budget

Whether you’re looking to cut costs because you’re saving for something special or don’t have the budget to throw a high-end BBQ, our cheap backyard BBQ ideas will help you cut costs without cutting the fun.

  1. Calculate food and supply costs. Determining what you can spend or need to cut is difficult without a general of how much it costs to throw a BBQ. Keep in mind that the people you invite usually come over to spend time with you rather than indulge in everything on your menu. Even if you only serve cheap BBQ food, such as hot dogs and chips, your guests will still enjoy their time together!
  2. Borrow from family and friends. If you’re missing some items, ask for some help from your friends. Rather than purchasing something new, cut costs by having your guests bring chairs, tables, grill platters and anything else you don’t have to the BBQ.
  3. Go thrift shopping. If you’ve already borrowed from your family and friends for several parties, it might be time to shop yourself. Head to Community Aid or another local thrift store to purchase food trays, bowls and funky decor. Make sure your purchases are things you will reuse in the future.
  4. Co-host the event. If you have a friend who has food allergies or restrictions, they could make the perfect co-host. Ask them to throw the event with you and bring food they could eat and share. This will also reduce your costs and ensure your friend is cared for!
  5. Host a charcuterie board contest. This is one of the best “cheap BBQ ideas” out there. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on the popularity of charcuterie boards. They create instant appetizers for your guests and eliminate the need for you to purchase any. Encourage friendly competition by hosting a contest for the best board. Present the winner with a DIY certificate or budget-friendly award.
  6. Let the sales speak! When picking up food at the grocery store, it’s okay if you don’t stick to your list. If you were planning to purchase frozen burgers to cut costs but fresh beef is less expensive per pound, grab that instead. Find a simple burger recipe online and make your patties. You’ll have bragging rights when they turn out well.
  7. Stock up on decor after the holidays. One of the best moves is to hit up the stores before your party. After Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, festive plates, napkins and decor immediately go on sale. Pick up your items then and save them for when you’re hosting your shindig.

Hopefully, these cheap BBQ ideas for a large group will help you cut costs while still hosting a fun get-together! While you’re out shopping, make sure to save while you spend. Our Visa credit cards offer anywhere from 1-2% cash back on purchases. You can even transfer your balance from somewhere else. It’s quick and takes just a few minutes, and of course, we are happy to help if you have any questions.


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