From Home to Heart: Meet the Logan Family

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From Home to Heart: Meet the Logan Family

The Logan family story began in 2015 when Ken and Lesley met. They were married a few years later in 2018. Just six months after that, they were blessed with the birth of their twin daughters, Aggie and Lenny in 2019.

About a year after the girls were born, they had a strong feeling their family was not complete. Since Lesley had a difficult pregnancy with the twins, they discussed other ways they could add to their family. Walking down memory lane to a conversation they had on their first date, they decided on adoption!

Embarking on an adoption journey can be overwhelming–from financial worries to the uncertainty of being chosen. On average, it takes two years, but when the call comes, everything moves fast.

The initial application was just the first step in the adoption process. Ken and Lesley had to complete six months worth of classes to prepare them for all possible scenarios. They also had to have clearances, reference checks and a home study before they could be added to the potential parent list.

For the Logans, the call came just nine months after they submitted their application. To Ken’s surprise, “the whole process actually took less time than a traditional pregnancy, the agency said we were the third fastest adoption from the time we went live to the time we got the call.”

Undeterred by the financial complexities of adoption, the Logans turned to Members 1st Federal Credit Union for support when they got the call. Leveraging their home’s equity, they secured a home equity line of credit (HELOC) that would pave the way for the adoption process. “When we got the call, we went out to the agency and wrote the check right out of the HELOC,” Ken shared.

Like most people, the Logans thought you had to be doing something to your house to be able to utilize a home equity line of credit. Ken stated, “what most people don’t know about a home equity line of credit is that you don’t pay anything on it unless you access it. It’s just there if you need it.”

“I just had no idea that that was even an option,” said Lesley. Members 1st makes the process simple with an application, home appraisal and a signature on the dotted line.

Just 10 days after the family submitted their video to the agency, they were called about a child in the Pittsburgh area. Only two days went by before they were informed that they had been chosen and needed to be in Pittsburgh the following day. “When we got the call, I felt like my whole body was radiating with excitement, disbelief and shock. I remember just pacing around the house. It didn’t sink in right away until we got out there,” Lesley shared. 11 days after the call, the Logans were able to bring their new baby, Jeanette Taylor Logan, home.

Aggie and Lenny embraced their role as big sisters with open hearts, welcoming Jeanie into their lives with warmth, affection and so much excitement. The Logan family, now complete, radiated a love that transcended bloodlines, proving that family is a bond forged through shared experiences and unconditional acceptance.

The Logans' story serves as a testament to the power of love, unity and the extraordinary journeys that families embark on, whether through traditional means or the path of adoption. Their decision to turn to Members 1st not only made their adoption dreams a reality but also highlighted the importance we place on truly helping our members through all their moments and milestones. We couldn’t be more grateful the Logans allowed us to help make this dream a reality.

Make your dreams a reality.

Your home’s equity can be used for a lot more than you think.

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