Unlocking Financial Flexibility: Our Skip-A-Payment Service Explained

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Unlocking Financial Flexibility: Our Skip-A-Payment Service Explained

Managing your finances is no small task. You can create budgets, make a savings plan and even cut out buying unnecessary things. But what happens when you need more flexibility? Life can sometimes throw us a curve ball, and we want to ensure you are prepared to handle it. Our Skip-A-Pay option allows you to put a little extra money in your pocket to help navigate through the unexpected.

What is Skip-A-Pay?

Skip-A-Pay allows qualified members* to “skip” a payment on an eligible loan and move that payment to a different date. It is important to note that the skipped payment does not go away; you add it onto the back end of your loan. The benefits and concerns of skipping that payment should be considered when making this financial decision. Let’s get into them.


  • Current Financial Relief
    • Using the Skip-A-Pay service allows you to pay a small fee to skip the payment rather than paying the total payment amount. This service allows you to redirect those funds to a more pressing matter.
  • Flexibility During Hardship
    • Life has thrown you that pesky curve ball again, except this time, you have lost your job, or there was significant damage to your home. What do you do? Well, Skip-A-Pay allows you the flexibility to use your money for home repairs or other necessities instead of making your regular loan payment.
  • No Negative Impact on Credit Score
    • Since the skipped payment is not considered late or missed, you can maintain your credit score and avoid any negative impact on your credit score.
  • No Penalties
    • If approved to skip a payment, you do not need to worry about late fees, penalties or other charges that usually come with missing a payment.


  • Loan Term Extensions
    • It is important to remember that skipping a payment will extend your loan term, and interest will continue to accrue.
  • Alternatives
    • Be sure to explore alternative options and have a conversation with your lender before opting to skip a payment. Look at your due date for the payment and see if moving it later in the month might be an option.

We know life has unexpected challenges, and we are here to help. Knowing how Skip-A-Pay works and what to consider before deciding is essential to navigate those challenges and make smart financial decisions.

*All eligible loans must be current, or this offer may be rescinded. A $30 non-refundable processing fee will be assessed per payment skip from your Regular Savings Account. If adequate funds are not available in your savings account, the $30 processing fee will be transferred from your checking account. Your current loan will continue to accrue interest even though you choose to skip your payment. The maturity date of your loan will also be extended. If your loan includes optional insurance coverage enhancements, please refer to those policies. They may expire on the original loan maturity date and may affect your coverage. Limited to two skips per calendar year. Real estate secured loans, business loans, Visa® credit cards and lines of credit are not eligible for this offer.

Be prepared for all life throws at you

Reach out to our team to learn how Skip-A-Pay can help your financial situation.

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