DIY Earth Day Crafts for Kids

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DIY Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Our Earth Day crafts provide the perfect way to sing the praises of Mother Nature while observing this vital holiday.

Why Is Earth Day Important?

Earth Day started in 1970 to support environmental awareness. Celebrations encourage people to become more involved in protecting our natural resources each year. Involving kids in Earth Day celebrations is essential because they represent the next generation of Earth’s caretakers.

4 Fun Earth Day Crafts

You can get the materials you need for each craft from Michael’s or Dollar Tree.

Plastic Lid Ladybugs
  • Materials: Red and black paint, plastic lids from peanut butter jars, googly eyes, glue.
  • Directions: Paint the lids red and paint black dots on them. Let them dry, then attach googly eyes with glue.
  • Earth Day lesson: Explain how ladybugs help the Earth and why reusing the lids keeps trash out of the landfill.
Globe Cut-out
  • Materials: Globe coloring page (print from online), cardboard, glue, scissors, blue marker, a cup of dirt gathered outside, twine, sharp pencil.
  • Directions: Help your child glue the coloring page to the cardboard, then cut out the circle shape. Color the ocean parts of the globe blue. Apply glue to the areas representing the continents, then sprinkle dirt over them. Let the glue dry and blow off the excess dirt. Use the pencil to make a hole at the top of the globe. Run the twine through the hole and tie it for a globe-shaped ornament.
  • Earth Day lesson: Talk about the different continents and where they are.
Earth Stamps
  • Materials: Blue and green paint, paper plates, one balloon, white paper.
  • Directions: Squirt blue and green paint onto separate plates. Use the blown-up balloon as a “stamp,” dipping it in the blue and then green paint. Next, push the balloon into the paper and look at the Earth-shaped stamp it leaves.
  • Earth Day lesson: Discuss the Earth’s shape and appearance from outer space.
Can Planter
  • Materials: Can (such as a clean soup can with label removed), large googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pompoms, glue, dirt, seeds.
  • Directions: Let your child make a face on the can using glue, eyes, pipe cleaners and pompoms. Fill the can with soil and bury the seeds in it.
  • Earth Day lesson: Talk about how plants grow and how to care for the seeds.
Bonus Lesson: Money Management

In addition to creating these crafts with your kids, you can bring them shopping for materials beforehand and give them a lesson in money management. Compare material prices and explain the rewards you gain using a contactless rewards credit card. Your children will love getting a preview of their Earth Day activity, and you will enjoy imparting simple lessons about budgeting.

Want to teach even more about spending and saving? Enroll your child in our Youth Club and explain how to use a credit card. Plus, you can introduce another environmental lesson when you opt for paperless statements with our digital banking tools.


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