Top 5 Questions Customer Service Receives: Asked and Answered

Have you called our Customer Service team during the pandemic? If you have, you are one of many. These uncertain times, along with our new relief options and helpful products, have led to frequent phone calls to our Customer Service team.

Top 5 Questions Customer Service Receives: Asked and Answered

Recently, we sat down with the Operations Manager of our Customer Service team, Sasha Pryor, to learn the most common questions you are calling us about. Did you know you could get immediate answers to your frequently asked questions (FAQs) by using our digital banking services?

A little background about Sasha...
Sasha is a longtime member of our credit union and is soon celebrating her third Members 1st work anniversary! She is passionate about helping members reach financial milestones, loves our culture and appreciates working with our great associates every day.

Below, Sasha highlights our top 5 FAQs, and she walks you through how our digital banking services can help you answer these questions.

Question 1: What's my balance?
Using our online and mobile banking services, you can see all the balances on your accounts. These balances are in real time, which means you can see the exact balance that we can see in Customer Service.

Question 2: What is pending in my account?
When you select your account in our online or mobile banking services, there is a pending activity section. This allows you to see any deposits or withdrawals that will soon be posted to your account within the coming days. If a Customer Service representative can see it, then it is showing on your side of online and mobile banking too.

Question 3: What is my checking account number?
This is a very common question Customer Service receives. When you open an account with us, you are given a member number. If you want to pay an item or receive a deposit directly to your checking account, you will need to provide the company with your MICR number. This is in the details tab under your account balances.

Question 4: What's my routing number?
Our credit union has one routing number that members use for any direct deposits or payments. The routing number is located at the bottom of our website,

Question 5: What's my username and/or password?
One of the great features of our digital banking tools is recovering a username and/or a password. If you use a computer to login to our website, look for a link that says "Need Help" under the username box. If you are using our mobile app, there is a tab that says "Help". Once there, you can recover your username, password or unlock your account after multiple failed attempts.

Our Members 1st app and online banking channels can help address your everyday banking needs 24/7 both easily and security from the comfort of your own home. Our digital tools give you the option of contacting our Customer Service team through chat. Download our app by visiting the app store on your mobile phone or enroll using our online services.

As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and remain committed to our members, associates and community.


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