With low risk and high returns, a Members 1st certificate is a great way to maximize your savings and hit all of your financial goals this year. Ready to start stacking your money?


A certificate is a savings tool that can help you grow your money. When you open a certificate with Members 1st, you’ll securely build your savings and earn interest based on an annual percentage yield—also referred to as an APY.1 In simplest terms, this means you can earn extra money for letting the money you’ve deposited with us sit tight. The money you get back will vary based on the rate, terms, length of certificate and the amount you deposited when opening the certificate. Traditionally, the longer the term length, or the longer you commit funds to a certificate, the higher the interest rate will be.

At Members 1st, we offer share certificates with various options for the term, APY and dividend rate. Find the certificate that best fits your financial situation. Our share certificates are also guaranteed by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF).2 Share certificates are available to our members—sign in to digital baking or register with Members 1st to apply.

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The Members 1st Difference

At Members 1st, we believe in giving members of any age or income bracket control over their financial futures. That's why we offer numerous share certificate choices, with great options like our bump-up certificate and 9-month no penalty certificate. For most options, all you'll need to get started is a $500 minimum deposit. Remember: the larger your deposit, the greater your APY and dividend rate will be.

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We offer standard certificates with tiered rates and flexible term options. You can choose a term between three months and five years. The more you contribute, and the longer we hold your deposit, the more your finances will grow! Rates are subject to change. You can check out our savings certificate rates here.

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Don't miss out on better rates after you've opened your certificate. Our bump-up certificate gives you the one-time option to match the current rate at any time during your certificate's term. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you can make the most of your savings by obtaining a higher APY. Bump-up certificates are available for 48 months, 24 months or 12 months with a $500 minimum deposit. Our current APY ranges are:

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Like the idea of better rates, but worried about early withdrawal penalties? This could be the perfect option for you. Take money out whenever you need with zero penalties or fees. Our nine-month penalty-free savings certificate is available with a $5,000 minimum deposit. Rates are subject to change.

Features & Benefits

Share certificates are some of the safest ways to expand your savings. Members 1st offers a variety of perks so that you can take advantage of the money you've earned. Our share certificate options come with great features and benefits like:

  • Financial security: Keep your savings in a safe place so your money can grow and grow.
  • Competitive interest rates and dividends: Reach your financial goals with rates that exceed the national average.
  • Convenient online and mobile banking: Access your funds and financial planning tools any time and anywhere through our digital banking.
  • Empowering consultation services: Gain insights from real, local Members 1st associates through our MyConcierge™ service.
  • Loyalty rewards: We thank our members with tier-based loyalty rewards you can earn over time.


A share certificate is similar to a certificate of deposit in almost every way. In both cases, you make a deposit and agree to leave the money in the account for a fixed period of time—most often between three months and seven years. Both share certificates and certificates of deposit offer higher dividends than options like traditional savings accounts. The difference between share certificates and certificates of deposit lies in where your deposit goes, who insures it and who sets the interest rate.2

1APY = Annual Percentage Yield.

2Per the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the standard share insurance amount is $250,000 per share owner, per insured credit union, for each account ownership category.

Common Questions

To open a regular savings account, simply make a $5 deposit. After that, you're good to open any other type of account.

We require a $500 minimum opening deposit and balance to earn any advertised Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

You earn money on the money you have on deposit with us based on your account balance, annual percentage yield and dividend rates (also known at other financial institutions as interest) and how long you keep your money on deposit. Dividend rates are subject to change with the market. View our current rates here.

You can make as many withdrawals or transfers from your savings account as you want.

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