How to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

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How to Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

There are many fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate Halloween. From costumes to decorations to get-togethers, here are six of our favorite ways to save around the spookiest of holidays.

  1. Make decorations yourself. Everywhere you look, there are DIY Halloween decor ideas you can find with a quick online search. Examples include glitter pumpkins, puff paint spider web placemats, construction paper triangle banners and orange and black streamer entryways. You can easily do most of these DIY projects yourself, but it’s always fun to work with your family or enlist the help of some crafty friends.
  2. Save on your Halloween costume with a costume swap. You do not have to purchase a million-dollar custom-made garment to celebrate Halloween in style. Consider finding someone that you can trade costumes with from year to year. It’s a budget-friendly idea where everyone benefits. Plus, the more people you can get in on the swap, the more costume options you have and the more people will save on their holiday spending.
  3. Consider an alternative to Halloween candy. We know what you’re thinking, no candy on Halloween? Of course, you can always clip some coupons or wait for the grocery store to have a sale, but why not consider an inexpensive option many parents will appreciate? Examples could include glow-in-the-dark tattoos, cool stickers or Halloween party favors like stamps or bubbles—you get the idea! Kids love these items even more than some of the candy they will receive.
  4. Host a Halloween potluck. Nothing is more fun than a holiday-themed bake-off. Instead of buying all of the food your guests will enjoy at your get-together, have your guests each bring their spookiest treat. Everyone can judge the food creations based on appearance, taste and theme. Make a DIY certificate for the winners in each category and have them defend their title the following year.
  5. Focus on budget-friendly Halloween activities. Rather than spending a scary amount of money on fall festivals, participate in events that are little to no cost. Some of our favorite things to do around October 31 are to go on drives to see Halloween decorations, make popcorn and watch spooky movies at home, and of course, carve pumpkins we purchased from a local orchard.
  6. Buy Halloween decor and costumes on clearance. This is a great budgeting tip for holiday planners out there. From craft shops to Halloween stores and almost every place in between, the day after Halloween, prices will reduce drastically. If you have the space to store things you’ll use for the following year, the week after the holiday is the best time to purchase costumes and decor. Guess sizing for costumes, and if you end up missing the mark, you can always put that mis-sized item in your costume swap.

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