8 Affordable Self-Care Ideas

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8 Affordable Self-Care Ideas

Booking a spa appointment, manicure, or vacation may sound like a self-care dream come true, but they are not the only ways to rejuvenate yourself. We have eight easy ways for you to practice self-care for little to no cost. Now, get to planning your much-needed you-time!

Try Coloring.

This activity is no longer just for kids. Coloring can help adults reduce anxiety, stress and improve their ability to focus. Print off free coloring pages online or visit your local dollar store for low-cost coloring books and supplies.

Spend Time Outdoors.

Soak up some rays and breathe in some fresh air while sitting on your porch, relaxing on a bench outside, walking around the block, or taking a hike. If you must bring your cell phone, try only using it to listen to podcasts, music, or for emergencies.

Read a Book for Pleasure.

Much of our day consists of reading for work, scanning social media, or watching our favorite TV shows. Excessive screen time can cause insomnia, anxiety and eye strain. We recommend borrowing books from your local library, friends or purchasing them at book sales. Alternatively, download affordable books on your kindle.

Write in a Journal.

Take what is going on in your head and write it down. All you need is a pen and paper. Writing can help you relax, think through things and spark inspiration. Stay on track with your goals by writing them down and your steps to achieve them, or write down the positives in your day or exciting milestones and refer to this list when you have a tough day. Discount stores offer affordable pens, paper and journals.

Practice Meditation or Yoga.

Streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify offer various free guided meditation and yoga sessions ranging from 15 minutes to an hour plus. These sessions can help you practice mindfulness, de-stress, stretch and restore your mind and body. Try out this exercise before you decide it’s not for you.

Create a Bath Experience.

Don’t just take a bath; make it a whole self-care experience. Search for good deals on bubble baths, candles, facial products, or whatever else you need to Zen out. Consider purchasing your favorite frugal food or beverage or making something in your kitchen and bringing it with you into the bath. Why not? It’s your self-care time!

Volunteer in Your Community.

Escape your day-to-day life and meet new people! Investing your time in meaningful work or projects helps strengthen your community, creativity and can put your problems in perspective. Best of all, it only costs you gas money to drive to the location, unless you choose to walk, bike, or get a ride with friends.

Clean Your Space.

This sounds like work, doesn’t it? View organizing and cleaning as a form of self-care, not a chore. A decluttered space can improve your mental health by making you feel less overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed. Aside from the cost of cleaning supplies, this activity is free, and who knows – you may discover forgotten items or things to give away or sell for extra money in your pocket.

Download a PDF of our self-care checklist.

It’s okay to splurge on self-care from time to time. Self-care should be a priority and if you are investing in yourself, open a goal savings account. This can help you save the desired amount for your self-care activities or items. Visualize your target, track your progress, and manage it all in our mobile app.

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